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Ways to Give

The Annual Fund is Browne Academy’s first giving priority and the most critical fundraising effort at the school.

Annual, Capital, and Planned Gifts

A vibrant Annual Fund is one of the hallmarks of a thriving independent school and is one of the important opportunities for parents to participate directly in the life of the school. As with nearly all independent schools, the Annual Fund is Browne Academy’s largest revenue source after tuition. Your tax-deductible contributions to the Annual Fund are critical to enriching your child’s educational programs and providing a safe learning environment. Annual Fund gifts help the school meet yearly expenses such as faculty salaries, professional development, classroom enhancements, technology upgrades and more. Moreover, these contributions are critical for future efforts, such as attracting new students and faculty and applying for education grants.

We depend on our community to make Browne Academy the first priority for discretionary giving, and we hope that all members will participate to the best of their ability.

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 to donate to the Annual Fund online. Thank you for your support.

Ways to Give

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  • Donations by Mail

    We welcome your tax-deductible contributions to the Annual Fund and to all of our fundraising and friend-raising endeavors. Please make your contributions payable to Browne Academy and send them to Browne Academy Advancement Office, 5917 Telegraph Road, Alexandria VA 22310.
  • Give Online

    Make a secure online gift. Charge your tax-deductible donation on your VISA, Mastercard, or American Express. It’s easy, fast, and a great way to support continuing enhancements to our school-day and extracurricular programs, as well as to our campus and facilities.
  • Make a Pledge Online

    Make a secure pledge online. Give now and pay later! By making your pledge early, you give the school the ability to plan how best to use your gift through the year. You also have the option to set up a convenient installment plan to pay your pledge.
  • Make a Gift through the United Way/CFC Campaigns

    Browne Academy is listed under our corporate name BSI, Inc. The United Way designation number is 8235 and CFC designation is 56948.
  • Gifts of Stock

    Your gift of stock may provide you with significant tax advantages while also helping to enrich the academic experience for all Browne Academy students. If you would like to make your gift in the form of a stock transfer, please email the Advancement Office

    For tax purposes, the date of the gift is the day the donor surrenders control: the date of the mailing or transfer or the date of the stock power. Securities are valued at the mean market price on the day that the gift is made.
  • Company Matching Gift Program

    Increase your giving potential! Have you checked to see if your employer participates in a Matching Gift Program? It’s an easy way to have your tax-deductible contribution to Browne Academy multiplied to make twice the difference to the future of the school.
  • Estate Gifts

    By including Browne Academy in your estate plans, you are making a gift that that will help ensure the school’s financial security well into the future. Whether a simple bequest in a will or through a trust or other estate plan, your deferred gift is a statement about your shared commitment to our core values: Excellence, Diversity, Character and Community. Please download an estate gift form or contact the Advancement Office for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q: How do I make a gift to Browne?

    Thank you for asking! You can make a gift online or check out our Ways to Give section of the website to find out about the many ways you can support Browne.
  • Q: What is Annual Fund?

    The Annual Fund is the cornerstone of all fundraising programs at Browne Academy. As an independent school, Browne Academy does not receive any government funding, which means that tuition and generous charitable gifts are the primary sources of financial support. Participation in the Annual Fund is the most important way you can express your support for the school and your belief in the importance of a Browne Academy education. We ask the entire Browne Academy community to support the school by participating in the Annual Fund each year. Monies raised through the Annual Fund go immediately to initiatives enhancing the Browne Academy experience.
  • Q: I already pay tuition, so why should I make an additional gift to Browne?

    Your financial contributions to the Annual Fund support the people and programs that make Browne Academy a great school: talented teachers, small classes, library and instructional resources, technology, and enriching arts and athletic programs. Both your tuition and Annual Fund gifts finance your child’s education. Charitable gifts are a critical part of every independent school’s healthy financial profile.
  • Q: If independent schools were run more like a big business, couldn’t they charge the full cost of educating a child and avoid having to ask for gifts?

    Browne Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit institution. Unlike a business whose goal is to make money, Browne Academy’s goal is to provide our students with the very best education possible. By nature, high-quality schools are labor-intensive and people-oriented. In order to provide the best programs and competitive compensation to our outstanding faculty, the Board of Trustees continually evaluates and assesses tuition and fundraising initiatives. Unlike tuition, contributions to the Annual Fund are fully tax-deductible and allow each family to give at a meaningful, comfortable level.
  • Q: How much should I give to the Annual Fund and how much of a difference can my gift really make?

    Ideally, current families identify Browne Academy as one of their top philanthropic priorities and recognize that their contributions make an immediate, significant impact on our program. Annual Fund gifts range from $10 to over $10,000. We encourage families to consider giving a leadership gift at the Greystone Society level with a gift of $1,000 or more if they are able. By giving at the Greystone level, families ensure that we raise the necessary additional funds, above and beyond what tuition covers, to support our programs, faculty, and students. All gifts, at any level, positively impact our school. Your participation encourages others to give, helps the school receive foundation grants, and sends a message to our community that Browne Academy makes a difference. Every gift counts!
  • Q: When should I make my Annual Fund gift or pledge?

    The earlier we receive your gift, the earlier we can put it to work for all of our students. We encourage all families to make their pledges by Thanksgiving, though payments are accepted until the end of our fiscal year, August 30.
  • Q: May I set up an installment plan to pay my pledge?

    Yes, we would be happy to work out a pledge payment plan that is convenient for you. It is a great way to make a larger gift to the school without having to write one big check. For example, you can make a gift of $500, but only pay $50 a month for ten months. We can set up monthly and quarterly plans for families. Please contact the Development Office at (703) 960-3000, ext. 1005 to set up a pledge payment plan.
  • Q: Is Browne Academy eligible for employer matching gifts?

    Yes! Please ask your employer about matching gift programs that support elementary schools. This is a great way to double your gift to Browne
  • Q: Can I give through the United Way or the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)?

    Yes, you can give through either the United Way or CFC.  Browne Academy is listed under our corporate name BSI, Inc. The United Way designation number is 8235, and the CFC designation is 56948.  If you donate through one of these vehicles, please email the Advancement Office so we can properly recognize your contribution.