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Our Program

Program Spotlights

Program Spotlights

Explore these videos and downloads to learn more about Browne Academy's academic and specialty programs. Hear from teachers as they discuss curriculum, projects, and opportunities throughout the subjects and grade levels. 

    • Spotlight on Math

Curriculum Downloads

  • Music Program
    Learn how we guide our students to be lifelong musicians.
  • Math Program
    Read about our math program at Browne Academy and watch videos of math in action!
  • Innovation
    Learn about how our students become design thinkers and innovators through our innovation program.
  • Research and Information Literacy
    See how our students learn and build their research skills throughout their time at Browne Academy.
  • Spanish Program
    See how our curriculum exposes our students, preschool through 8th grade, to the Spanish language and cultures as they grow into global citizens.
  • Visual Arts Program
    Learn more about our visual arts program at Browne Academy, starting at age 3 and continuing through 8th grade.
  • Early Childhood Program
    See how we approach our early childhood education program, fostering a love of learning from the age of 3.
  • Lower School Reading & Writing
    Learn about the recipe that makes strong readers and writers!
  • Lower School Social Studies & Social Emotional Learning
    Learn how we support our students social emotional needs through our robust social-emotional curriculum. Discover the tools and information we provide as they work through our lower school social studies curriculum.
  • Middle School Humanities
    Learn more about our middle school humanities program. Discover the skills our students build throughout their middle school English and History courses, the units of study covered, and how we bring learning to life through projects and application.  
  • K-4 Science
    Learn how our young scientists discover, research, and foster their scientific skills.
  • 5th & 6th Grade Science
    See how the science program expands at the start of middle school, incorporating various experiments, units of study, and interactive projects.