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Our Program

Information Literacy

The library program at Browne is run by our information literacy specialist. Students in preschool-4th grade visit the library at least once in our six-day rotation. By the start of middle school, we expect our students to be solid researchers and love to see them come back to the library for their own projects. While at the library, students learn how to conduct research projects, to evaluate sources, and about information literacy, all skills that mesh with Browne’s inquiry-based curriculum. The information literacy specialist also works with classroom teachers to provide resources for their classroom curriculum. The “All about our World” projects demonstrate our cross-curricular program, in which students use the library for a deeper dive into classroom subjects. For instance, as they were prepping for their geography bee, 4th grade students used library resources to make a map of the world, identifying countries and cities during the process. In the library, 3rd graders complemented their 50 states classroom unit by making flags for different countries to compare state versus country flags. These projects remind the students of how we are all connected, in our small, diverse, private school and throughout the world.