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Our Program


A Browne Education

In a dynamic world, children need more than content information; they need to be able to use what they are learning in real-life situations. Browne Academy’s inquiry-based approach teaches children to ask good questions and offers more hands-on opportunities for students to engage with what they are learning. Inquiry is not subject-specific; it applies to math, science, reading, art, music, history, and more. Browne Academy fosters its students’ natural inquiry tendencies in preschool and actively works to encourage them through Grade 8. There is no maximum age for inquiry. This foundation will be valuable throughout each learner’s lifetime, as he or she curiously navigates the world.

Each student at Browne Academy is an individual, with a unique complement of talents, interests, abilities, and experiences.

We create our curriculum to adhere to current standards and best practices. Beyond that, with our small class sizes, we are able to provide differentiated instruction to meet the needs of the individual learner and build confidence, security, and independence.

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Our teachers work closely together, sharing insights about each child as they progress from one grade to the next and formulating the next year’s classes with the best academic, social, and emotional development plan for every child in mind.

It is important for our students to be well-rounded individuals with exposure to a wide variety of ideas and activities. In addition to our core subjects (English, social studies/history, math, science, and Spanish), students also take art, music, physical education, and innovation classes.

Browne Academy’s teachers share a love of subject matter in their respective specialties and an abiding interest in children and their development. Each teacher’s goal is to make every student in a class feel capable and confident, working with each child as an individual to give them the tools for success in the next chapter of their education.