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Browne Student Wins Award in C-SPAN StudentCam Competition

Congratulations to Gabriel Swinton for winning Honorable Mention in this year's C-SPAN StudentCam competition! C-SPAN’s competition invites students in grades 6-12 to explore the year’s theme in-depth and create a 5-6 minute video documentary that explores various viewpoints on the topic. The 2022 prompt was “How does the federal government impact your life? Explore a federal policy or program. Evaluate its effectiveness from multiple perspectives.” This year there were over 3000 submissions from 41 states and Washington, DC, South Korea, and Morocco. After multiple rounds of judging and much deliberation, C-Span selected this year’s 150 prize-winning documentaries. 

Gabriel's documentary title was "Gun Control: Why Something Needs to Change." His biggest takeaway from the project was learning how gun violence can impact a normal person’s everyday life. He said, “I think that I do have a better understanding on how federal programs impact my life, because now I know how things that happen on a federal level still impact citizens.”

The C-SPAN competition is linked to the 8th-grade Capstone project, which showcases numerous skills Browne’s students develop over their time at Browne: learning to question, employing design thinking, nailing the research process, honing their writing skills,  and commanding an audience as a confident public speaker. The Capstone process lasts several months and is multi-faceted.  After selecting their topic, students conducted extensive research, which not only involved online research, but also first-person interviews with subject matter experts. Each student then used their collection of data to write a comprehensive research paper and create individual documentaries for submission to C-SPAN.
Gabriel said that he was “proud of my final documentary. I think it all came together really well and the end project was pretty good.” C-SPAN obviously agreed. Way to go! 

Follow this link for more information on the C-SPAN competition