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Science Fair Winners Announced

Even though campus is closed, Browne Academy's 7th grade science fair went on virtually. Instead of the fair's being held in the CAPA, all students presented their projects to spectators and judges via Zoom. The top three projects were separated by just 7 tenths of a point from each other! Congratulations to our winners:

1st Place: Logan with "Can you Hear Me?"
2nd Place: Elea with "Can Listening to Classical Music Help you Catch Errors?"
3rd Place: Simone with "I Just Wet my Plants!"

Eric March, 7th and 8th grade science teacher, made the following comments about the winning projects: 

"Logan's hard work and dedication were obvious to the judges, even over Zoom. She had a thorough presentation and addressed all of the judges' questions. She also had a personal connection to her project, which allowed her to really fall in love with the topic.

Elea had an array of graphs and charts to illustrate her data. She explained her data set in a myriad of ways, which helped the greater understanding. She clearly practiced and was ready for all the judges questions. She understood her topic, also as a result of choosing something personal to her (music).

Simone clearly practiced her presentation and her slides were well organized and clear. She injected humor into the presentation, which helped the judges connect with her personally. She was also calm, collected, and answered the judges questions with ease."

We are proud of all Browne's 7th graders for their efforts - and for enthusiastically adapting to the new format for the fair.