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Spook-tacular Paper Circuits

Carissa ElChehabi
Happy Halloween, Browne community! Were you able to see Jackie and Sam talk about the paper circuits we created in the Innovation center? If you didn't catch our Instagram / Facebook post about it, you can view the videos here.

The paper is the fun part of this activity because it makes for a spook-tacular way to learn about circuits! We used copper tape, LEDs, and batteries. The students immediately related the copper tape to their schema. Their prior knowledge of coins came in handy since they already knew pennies are made of copper, and are also conductive to electricity.

One of the things we discovered along the way is that we needed to make some adjustments to where we applied our 3 supplies on the paper in order to ensure we had built a properly working circuit, and that both of the LEDs would light up when we pressed down on the battery and copper tape to close the circuit for the LEDs to light up.

It took a little trial and error, but with perseverance and teamwork we figured it out together. Another hiccup we encountered, is that even with properly aligning the tape and LED’s, we also needed to make sure the battery had really good contact with the copper, in this instance, one of the thin pieces was not enough to ensure good contact, so we added some more! Take a look at some of the adjustments we made to perfect our spooky light up circuits.