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2018 Spirit Week, Family Fun Festival, and Alumni Basketball Game

Browne Academy's Spirit Week was one to remember. To start the week, preschool and junior kindergarten students received their Red/Grey team assignments. Each day, students and staff went all-in, accessorizing to the hilt, dressing as crayons, and embodying their favorite animals. The school week culminated in a pep rally and two rousing student vs. staff soccer games. At the end of the pep rally, Head of School Peggy Otey unveiled the school's new logo, which prominently features Browne's four core values, to the assembled crowd.

The week's excitement spilled into the weekend, with Saturday's annual Parents Association Family Fun Festival and Alumni Basketball Game. These eagerly anticipated events brought the greater Browne community together for rides, games, delicious food, camaraderie...and a little more spirited competition.