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Campus Life

Health Services

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  • Photo of Shannon Naik

    Shannon Naik 

    Director of Health Services, BSN, RN.
  • Photo of Seraphina "Serie" Haeseler

    Seraphina "Serie" Haeseler 

    School Counselor, LCSW
Browne Academy’s Health Services strives to improve the health and well-being of the community, identify and prevent health problems, ensure care for students, minimize barriers to learning, and lead public health initiatives on campus. Health and learning are interconnected, and a student’s health can directly impact their ability to learn.

Browne Academy has a registered nurse and school counselor on staff to provide care and support to the school community. Besides the nurse, we have staff trained and certified in first aid and medication administration.

Health Services at Browne plays a multi-faceted role within the school setting, one that supports the physical, mental, emotional, and social health of our students, while supporting the academic success of the student population.

School health and wellness services include:
  • Providing acute, chronic, and emergency care for illness and injury
  • Preventing, monitoring, and controlling the spread of communicable disease and health problems
  • Promoting a safe school facility and school environment
  • Acting as a liaison between school personnel, family, health care professionals, and the community
  • Promoting the general health, safety, and wellness of all students and staff at Browne Academy