Spring Fundraising Auction Gala

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The Browne Derby 2015

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This year’s Auction Gala “The Browne Derby” will be on March 14, 2015. Enjoy a southern-inspired dinner, cocktails including mint-juleps, and bid merrily in support of our Bruins. It is a night when parents, faculty, staff, and special guests are brought together by the common goals of celebrating and supporting our school. Ladies, don’t forget your hats and Gents, grab your bow ties for what will surely be a grand ole time!

How Does the Auction Enhance the Academic Program at Browne?
Each year the annual Auction provides important enhancements to the academic program at Browne affecting the education every student receives. This year's auction  will not only be an exciting event for the adults of the Browne community, it will support academic excellence. Proceeds from the Auction directly benefit our students through expansions to the technology education program, providing additional classroom resources, and increasing professional development opportunities for our wonderful teachers.

Volunteer Opportunities
Our all-star team of volunteers is working hard to create an exciting and successful event. We hope you will consider joining our winning team. We have jobs for volunteers regardless of experience and the amount of time you can commit. 

For more information on getting involved with the Auction or to make a donation, please contact Shannon Casey, scasey@browneacademy.org or Emily Hopkins, ehopkins@browneacademy.org. 

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Featured Items

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Support The Browne Derby

To make this year’s Auction a historic success, we kindly ask you to think about gathering donations and sponsorships for the event. To assist you, here are several donation materials that can help:

Donation Form – If you have an item you would personally like to donate to the Auction, please fill out the Donation Form. You can also pass it along to any businesses you frequent. Need donation ideas? We have put together an Auction Item Ideas list to help.

Solicitation Letter – This is a good resource to give to businesses that are not familiar with Browne. It provides an overview of our school and the benefits of donating to our Annual Auction Gala.

Sponsorship Opportunities and Sponsorship Form – Sponsorship is a great way to reach potential customers, while benefiting the school as well. We invite you to partner with Browne at a level that works best for your business.

IRS Determination Letter – Many businesses and community partners will need this to approve donations and sponsorships.