Camp FAQs


Do I have to sign up for the entire summer?

You may sign up for any number of weeks as well as any combination of Day Camp or Specialty Camps.

*Keep in mind that Specialty Camps and Day Camp are separate programs. Please only sign up for one program per week.

Are lunch and snack provided?

Campers must bring their own lunch and snacks each day that do not require refrigeration and/or heating (Browne Summer Camp does provide snacks for the 3 & 4 year old Mini Campers).  There is a hot lunch option offered through Fairfax Food Service at an additional cost.  Ordering information can be found in the Summer Camp Hot Lunch Program flyer.

BSC is an allergy and peanut aware campus.

How are campers assigned in the Mini, Junior, and Senior Camps?

Campers are placed into groups according to their age/grade for the 2017-2018 school year.

  • Mini Camp (Groups 1-2), ages 3-4
  • Junior Camp (Groups 3-7), rising grades K-4
  • Senior Camp (Groups 8-9), rising grades 5-8

All campers participate in the same camp activities, except for Technology which begins in Junior Camp.

How are the campers supervised at the pool? Will my child learn to swim?

Safety at the pool is our number one concern. Each Day Camp group is assigned two lifeguards plus their group counselors to actively supervise during swim time (45 minutes daily). Additionally, campers will only swim in water depths that their swim evaluation assigns them to. The pool ranges from 2 feet in the wading pool, and from 3 1/2 to 9 feet in the main pool. 

We are very proud of the BSC swim program. When a camper first arrives at camp they are given a swim evaluation to place them in an appropriate swimming zone. Campers receive daily swim lessons in their group along with free swim. Campers may also sign up for private swim lessons for an additional fee. 

* Specialty Camp participants do not receive daily swim lessons. Daily free swim is set aside for these groups; however not all Specialty Camp schedules allow for it.

Is there a nurse on duty during summer camp?

Yes, there is a registered nurse at camp every day. Browne Summer Camp also has a number of staff certified in: CPR, First Aid, and Medication Administration. 

All group counselors carry basic First Aid supplies with them at all times. All staff receive training covering camp safety procedures.

Administrative and emergency staff carry walkie-talkies at all times.

What are the staff to camper supervision ratios?

The staff to camper supervision ratios are based on the American Camp Association standards.

1:6 Ratio for campers ages 3-5
1:8 Ratio for campers ages 6-8
1:10 Ratio for campers 9-14

What is a typical day in the Day Camp Program?

The camp day begins at 8 am. Campers have a set schedule throughout the day that includes activities such as swimming, art, dance, soccer, basketball, and music as well as special activities planned by the group counselors. There will also be rest, lunch, and snack periods during the day. On Wednesdays, there is a special activity based on the theme of the week. On Fridays, there is an assembly at which the whole camp performs for the rest of the groups and parents are invited to attend. The camp day ends at 4 pm. The Mini Camp Half Day program runs from 8 am to 12 pm.

What is the Grand Finale?

The Grand Finale is a special evening performance that showcases your child’s love of camp, their counselors, and friends.  For Summer 2017, the Grand Finale will be held during Week 7, Friday, August 4th, 7 pm.

Every detail from the music, set design, costumes, lightning, choreography, and more are prepared and practiced for by staff and campers – prepare to be WOWED!  We encourage friends and family to attend as we celebrate your talented children.

*Grand Finale is only open to campers who are registered during Week 7.  If you are registered for Specialty Camp: Water Adventures 2, you are invited to attend, but due to missing practice schedules, you will not be eligible to perform.

Details covering the evening festivities will be sent out in advance.