Community Service Project to Benefit the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria

April 14, 2017

Today Browne Academy students participated in a school-wide community service project to benefit the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria.

Browne Academy’s Student Council Association (SCA) managed the service project. After the SCA brainstormed, researched, and narrowed down potential charitable organizations, all Middle School students voted and selected the Animal Welfare League as the project’s beneficiary. SCA members visited the shelter to learn more about its specific needs and then decided to craft various enrichment toys for shelter animals. Families donated supplies, such as tennis balls and canned dog food. Working with their buddies, students made items including soft braided ropes, tennis ball toys, frozen stuffed treats, and catnip tubes. 

Now that the toys are completed, the SCA will deliver them to the shelter, giving the animals there some creative outlets until they find their forever homes.

SCA advisor Kristen Logan said this has been a great leadership opportunity for the SCA, as they have “taken ownership and have been engaged” throughout the process. It feels good to do good at Browne Academy!