Parents Association

The Parents Association (PA) serves as a liaison between Browne Academy parents and the school’s administration. Every family at Browne Academy is a member of the PA.

The Parents Association is dedicated to enhancing the growth and development of the Browne Academy Community. It provides a forum for parents to obtain information, ask questions; serves as a liaison between parents and the Browne administration to ensure consistent and effective lines of communication; enhances the student experience through active participation in the Browne community; and supports the mission and priorities of Browne. The PA’s major goals are to:

  • Promote cooperation and communication among parents, faculty, staff, trustees and students.
  • Provide a means for parents to be of service to the school.
  • Supplement the school’s social and educational offerings.
  • Foster interest in the life of the school.

Your child’s years at Browne Academy are among the most impressionable of his/her life. If you want to play an active role in guiding your child’s experience at the school, we invite you to become an active member of your PA. We also encourage you to join one of the various committees responsible for working with Browne Academy toward making the Browne Academy experience the best it can be. It’s easy to get started, just fill out the PA Get Involved! form.