Community Events

To foster the community spirit that is an integral part of the school, Browne Academy offers events throughout the year to bring students’ families and school staff together.

Browne Academy families and staff eagerly anticipate our community events. A few highlights:

  • Red/Grey Competition: Each year, Browne Academy students and their families engage in the friendly Red/Grey Competition. Throughout their time at Browne Academy, all JK through Grade 8 students are on either the Red Team or the Grey Team. In a special school-wide opening ceremony each September, new students, including all kindergarten students without older siblings, are assigned to their team amid spirited pageantry in the CAPA. The competition includes events for all participants (yes, even parents) throughout the school year. We aim to provide a wide array of activities that routinely reflect one or more of Browne Academy’s four core values. Head of School Peggy Otey is responsible for overseeing the scoring process, with the competition culminating in an end-of-year award ceremony. For more information, please read the Red/Grey Competition mission statement to the right.
  • Back-to-School BBQ: Shortly before classes start, Browne Academy hosts a Back-to-School barbecue with good food and cameraderie. Students and their families have a chance to catch up with friends and staff in a casual, outdoor setting, before heading indoors for a Meet & Greet with their teacher for the new year.
  • Friends and Family Day: Browne Academy students always are excited to share their school with others, and our annual Friends and Family Day is an ideal way to do so. Grandparents, extended family, and special friends flock to the school for a special program in the CAPA. This year, as part of Browne Academy’s 75th anniversary celebration, the program also will include Founder’s Day activities, as well. After the program, the crowd disperses to spend time in the students’ classrooms, where teachers have prepared special activities to showcase what their classes have studying.
  • Family Fun Festival: The Family Fun Festival occurs the day after Friends and Family Day and is the perfect way to extend the excitement for students and their visitors. Complete with rides, games, and food trucks, the festival is a delightful way to spend a Saturday afternoon with the Browne Academy community.