Visual Arts

Browne Academy’s Visual Arts program provides a path for personal, artistic expression by:

  • Allowing the flexibility to solve visual art problems with originality, imagination, and creativity.
  • Encouraging exploration of materials, ideas, and other cultures.
  • Building the self-confidence to take risks, as well as the perseverance to develop skills through practice and repetition.

The Preschool Visual Art program works to bring out each student’s abilities in discovery, exploration and individual creativity. The Preschool Visual Art curriculum incorporates a balance of instruction and gives students open-ended projects where they are free to explore ideas, reach their own conclusions, take risk, and enjoy the opportunities presented by “happy accidents.”

The Lower School students expand on their visual art skills by using an increased variety of art materials, techniques, and processes. Teachers place emphasis on each student’s understanding of his or her own unique experiences. As they become increasingly aware of the elements of art, students also become familiar with art vocabulary and art history, learning to make a connection between old and new cultures.

Middle School students study visual art on a personal level. Students are taught in a “master/apprentice” approach, allowing the teacher to help students become more involved in creative decisions concerning his or her artwork. The focus of most art projects is to further develop fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination, critical thinking skills and a stronger emphasis on creating balanced compositions using the elements and principles of design.