Middle School | Grade 5 - Grade 8

A Message from Mike Sasso, Head of Middle School

Browne Academy’s Middle School is a rich and inclusive learning community for grades five through eight. Our goal is to inspire students, help them discover their passions, and provide them with tools to be successful in school and life beyond Browne Academy. We offer an outstanding academic program within a nurturing environment. Our focus is on teaching students how to think and use information. In every class, students develop skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, public speaking, research, and writing. We believe these life skills help our students thrive in the classroom but also in a dynamic world.

Learning to make connections is a critical skill for creativity and innovation. Our academic program takes an interdisciplinary approach to facilitate connections between courses and topics. For example, while studying ancient Rome in history, students are reading Roman mythology in English, and creating tile mosaics in art class. However, the most exciting aspect of this approach comes from the unexpected questions or connections from the students. Their creative ideas often lead to thought-provoking discussions and challenges that engage their peers and further enrich the learning experience.  

At the heart of our program is a group of outstanding teachers who truly know and understand each of their students. Teachers have the flexibility in the classroom to explore student interests and curiosities, leading, in turn, to greater engagement and achievement. In the classroom, we value and foster questioning and creativity. Our small class sizes allow teachers to differentiate their approach to meet the needs of each student. Through building authentic relationships with their students, teachers identify individual strengths and use them to help each learner find success.

We feel it is important for our students to be well-rounded individuals with exposure to a wide variety of ideas and activities. In addition to our core subjects (English, history, math, science, and world language), students also take art, music, physical education, and technology classes.   We place great emphasis on performing arts:  Middle School students may join a number of performing arts groups including A Capella, band, choir, drama, guitar ensemble, and handbells. We also offer enrichment courses such as engineering, environmental conservation, and portfolio art during the school day.   Our students are active in the classroom but also on the athletic field. Our inclusive and competitive athletic program offers soccer, cross-country, basketball, and ultimate Frisbee to our middle school students.

Middle school is an exciting and critical time in a student’s life, filled with academic, social, and physical challenges and opportunities. Our job as teachers and parents is to prepare students for the road ahead, not prepare the road for them. Our middle school students are encouraged to take risks and try new things. Mistakes and failure are viewed as opportunities for personal growth and learning. Above all, we value the individual child and the learning process.