Lower School | Preschool - Grade 4

A Message from Bonita Lea, Head of Lower School

Excellence, Diversity, Character, and Community are the four core values that we use to help shape and guide our students’ education and character at Browne Academy. We are a strong, nurturing community where students are encouraged to be individuals and express the essence of who they are. Of equal importance is the need to help youngsters establish good citizenship habits, respect for themselves and for others, and pride in their accomplishments in and out of the classroom. We encourage children to develop a level of curiosity that motivates them to become strong, independent learners with a wide variety of skills at their fingertips. 

We create our curriculum to adhere to current standards and best practices. Beyond that, we are able to provide differentiated instruction to meet the needs of the individual learner and build confidence, security, and independence. Our teachers work closely together, sharing insights about each child as that boy or girl progresses from one grade to the next and formulating the next year’s classes with the best academic, social, and emotional development plan for every child in mind. The parent-teacher partnership also is integral to the Lower School, where teachers and parents work closely to ensure that each child is developing and thriving.

In the Lower School, we encourage students to question and explore new ideas, engaging in a wide variety of learning activities and experiences. Students enhance their critical thinking skills through our hands-on approach to subject areas like social studies, science, and math. A strong emphasis on language arts encourages students to develop their love for reading, as well as for creative writing and public speaking. A thorough investigation of French and Spanish gives Browne Academy students an opportunity to explore both languages and cultures. We offer specialty classes in technology, art, music, physical education, and library.

Our small class size allows teachers to closely monitor students’ development and challenge them with age- and ability-appropriate activities. Our overarching goal is to guide children in the Lower School as they make a positive and productive transition to the Middle School years, fully equipped with confidence, a strong academic foundation, and a curiosity for learning.