The library program at Browne Academy is designed to instill a joy of reading in students and to develop skilled and independent researchers.

Students have the ability to become lifelong readers and successful users of information. Through grade-level curriculums, students are exposed to various forms of literature and resource materials. 

Browne Academy also has an online library catalog that can be accessed anywhere students can connect to the internet. Students are able to virtually browse the shelves to view book jackets, read summaries and find further information about desired books. Visit Browne Academy’s online library at


The Preschool library curriculum introduces students to the library media center and encourages their appreciation for literature in a fun and hands-on manner. Students learn proper library terminology and procedures for checking out books, as well as engage in lessons through activities that extend stories, such as songs, games, poems and fingerplays. A variety of stories are read to the students based on the theme for the month.

The Lower School curriculum is designed to encourage appreciation for literature, expand knowledge of resource materials and improve study skills. The library program introduces topics such as fiction/nonfiction, Caldecott and Newbery Awards, the anatomy of a book and the Dewey Decimal Classification System. Students are exposed to various forms of literature, including fables, folktales and fairytales, and are given opportunities to share personal writing styles by creating their own folktales and fairytales. The activities and lessons of the library are intended to extend the classroom curriculum and support the classroom teacher.

Middle School students are encouraged to make use of the library’s resources. Fourth grade and Middle School students also have access to MyQuest, an online social network strictly limited to Browne Academy, in which students can share information about books they have read, books they are currently reading and books they would like to read. Users have the ability to comment and review books that are in the library, as well as create virtual book clubs with their fellow classmates.


The goal of the Browne Academy Technology program is for students to develop a varied knowledge base of hardware and software tools, and as graduates, be able to approach any project independently by analyzing the project, determining what is required and striving to accomplish his or her goals with excellence and independence.

All Browne Academy classrooms are equipped with a minimum of two desktop computers devoted to student use. At the preschool, junior kindergarten and kindergarten levels, classroom computers serve as center-based instructional tools and are equipped with age-appropriate software and programs. Beginning in kindergarten, students attend Browne’s state-of-the-art technology lab on a weekly basis for technology-based instruction. This program allows students to develop basic keyboarding skills, increase confidence with report construction/organization, expand technical vocabulary, understand online safety and awareness and develop common research and citation skills.

Promethean boards are used in many Browne Academy classrooms (including the technology lab), and students receive extensive instruction on how to incorporate this resource in presentations and projects.

Browne Academy’s technology curriculum covers many areas including networking, operating systems, word processing, spreadsheets, presentation, publishing, database, Internet research, graphic design, email and website development.

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